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part three- the doctor

luci wakes up the next morning she looks around but doesn't see jacob anywhere, she almost panics but realizes he's most

likely downstairs. luci heads downstairs and spots jacob talking to jack she walks over to them "h-hi jack, good morning

jacob" jacob smiles at her "morning love, are you hungry?" luci nodded and he disappeared for a few minutes, he returns

with food for her. luci smiles devouring the food he brought her, she thanked him and wrapped her arms around him. "luci?"

luci turned toward the sound of the voice, she noticed a familiar set of golden eyes staring at her "malyce?" malyce

smiled, luci almost hugged the girl in front of her before remembering malyce's fear of being touch "have you met jacob?"

malyce shook her head she looked up at jacob cautiously he smiled reaching out to shake her hand. malyce jumped back

avoiding his touch "don't touch us" her tone fearful. luci grabbed jacob's hand and warned him of malyces' fear of touch.

"so...hows alyce" luci tried to change the subject to calm malyce, she looks at luci "she's been very quiet lately i think

i angered her..." malyce looks around spotting a certain creepy clown, "...stupid clown!" malyce quickly pulls out one of

her blades running after laughing jack who's laughter could be heard as she chased him. luci watches as they disappear,

jacob wraps his arms around her "what's up with her?" luci sighs "l.j. must have done something to piss her off..." luci

shrugged pulling away from jacob to head towards their room. jacob follows her glancing back a few times to where malyce

had went, once in the room luci sat down on the bed taking off her eye patch she glanced up at jacob who was intently

staring at her he reached out and touched her cheek "so... what happened to your eye?" luci looked away sadly "i made a

deal with a witch doctor but i didn't keep my end of the deal" she closed her eyes trying to keep the horrible memories of

that night away "a deal?...what was it?" luci glanced back at jacob his blue eye was slowly shifting to black "to save" tears flowed down lucis' face as she said the last part, she had tried so hard but had been unable to hold

up her end of the deal "where is he?" luci pretty much sobbed out his location, he drew his katana and disappeared. luci

wrapped her arms around her legs her brothers image stuck in her mind, she jumped when she saw jacob walk back though a

shadow dragging a bloody and beaten witch doctor behind him, he tosses the doctor into the room viciously. luci backs as

far away from him as possible the very presence of the doctor sending chills down her spine. the doctor looks up at her

recognition crosses his face and a wide grin follows. luci grips her head shutting her eyes tightly as the doctors voice

rings in her head, his wheezing laughter echos off the walls. jacob kicks the doctor in the side telling him to shut up,

the voice in her head grows louder as she starts to lose control of her mind. jacob looks at her a terrifying smile on his

face he moves toward her trying to hand her a blade telling her to get her revenge on the doctor. luci refuses to take the

blade staring down at the doctor in fear "i... can't" her voice was barely audible "she can' me" the doctor

wheezed out laughing jacob stomped on his chest angrily. " sto.p.. he's in.. my.head" luci muttered her legs

collapsing, jacob caught her wrapping her in shadows, as soon as the shadows enveloped her the doctors voice slowly faded

replaced with jacob's soothing whispers. jacob turned on the doctor his eye's dark, the doctor looked up at him muttering

something like an incantation. jacob drew his katana again shadows swirled around it as it was plunged deep into the

doctors' chest, as he withdrew the sword a whitish swirling orb flew out of the doctors' chest and into the blade. "....

is h-he.." luci whispered the shadows receded she looked around but the doctor was gone she sighed in relief. jacob

wrapped his arms around her kissing her forehead "yes..." luci hugged him tightly whispering thank you.

part three end.
finally finished this chapter after about a week of procrastination.
this chapter features one of my other oc's malyce


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